Not that long till Christmas.

2009-12-02 13:50:47 by Tix92

I'm working on some Jinglebell songs. i now made like 10 versions but the problem is should i submit al 10 of them? or just choose 1 or 2? thats my biggest worry at the time. i think il just submit all 10 versions between 10 and 20 December.

*EDIT* i decided to upload all 10 of them :)

The beginning.

2009-10-20 08:26:07 by Tix92

I uploaded my first audio and hope to upload even more. But don't get me wrong people with the short audio, i can't make it really longer (it will suck then) Because i have ADD i can focus on music making but literally only the first parts will sound good, thats why i'm uploading these short audio's. Hope you like it, and maybe in the future il upload longer ones..